Threshing Minute – October 2015

Minute of Pales Threshing Meeting

At a meeting held at The Pales on Saturday 24 October 2015

Thirty Friends from Southern Marches Area Quaker Meeting and from a much wider area have joined today to thresh a way forward for this Historic Meeting House.

Everything we have heard today suggests that there is an overwhelming desire to see The Pales continue as a meeting for worship.

The way forward for the whole site is not so clear to us but we acknowledge that we will need to find a clear vision and Friends with passion and enthusiasm to take that vision forward.

Certain ideas have seemed important to us:

  1. that whatever the future for The Pales it should be a future of service to a wider community than just Friends – we should look outside the Quaker box;
  2. that we need to find a way of involving young people in the visioning for the future of The Pales;
  3. that the future should include the possibility of providing extra accommodation on site.

The organisational structures necessary to take things forward need to be worked out and we hope that the Area Meeting will set up a steering group to look both at the vision and its execution. We acknowledge that both these tasks will take time.

We send this minute to the Area Meeting.


Chris Skidmore, clerk