The Pales Newsletter – March 2018

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The Pales Newsletter – March 2018
From the Pales Management Group

A PDF version of this Newsletter can be downloaded for printing – please click here.

Spring has arrived and scattered snowdrops and daffodils around the grounds. But with the Spring came snow and Carole Chapman, our Friend in Residence, has been snowbound on several occasions and we have the photo to show it.

Table of contents;
• Events at the Pales
• Future Events
• Woodland at the Pales
• Tailpeace – snow at the Pales and bats in the belfry

Events at the Pales in 2018.
Tuesday April 24   Poetry at the Pales – Barddoniaeth yn Y Pales
This is a day for everyone, not just for Bards and Poets. Come and listen to Stevie talk about her work and join in the fun of creating in words. And after a shared lunch sit back and be read to as Ffriends share their favourite readings and bring along you own favourite too on the theme of Special Places.
• 11.30 – 13.00 Workshop on the theme ‘ Special Places’ for those who wish to try some creative writing
• 13.00-14.00 Lunch – bring and share.
• 14.00 – 15.30 Poetry reading on the theme ‘Special Places’.
• This is a free event but registration requested  – please click here for full details and registration form or visit the Pales website.

Thursday 7 June   Art day with Sandy Craig.
An opportunity to spend a day being tutored by Sandy Craig, Welsh artist and educator.
The charge for day will be £20 and you are requested to bring your own equipment and a picnic lunch.
Please click here or visit the Pales website if you would like to book a place.

Sandy Craig is a Welsh artist and educator living and working near the source of the River Severn in Mid Wales, UK.  Her practice involves drawing, painting and printmaking, often in bold, contrasting monochrome. She graduated from Birmingham with a degree in Fashion and Textiles and returned to Wales to raise a family and work in art and design education after a career as a commercial fashion designer in London. She has over 15 years’ lecturing experience in the Further Education sector and a commitment to continuous professional development.

Saturday  23 June  Midsummer poetry and song – Canol Haf, Cerddi a Chân.
English and Welsh poetry and music with Fiona & Gorwel Owen
• An evening of English and Welsh poetry and music with Fiona and Gorwel Owen.
• Fiona Owen has had five collections of poetry published, the latest being The Green Gate (Cinnamon Press). She teaches creative writing, literature and other arts/humanities subjects for the Open University, and writes and records songs with Gorwel Owen, the latest CD being Releasing Birds.
• Gorwel Owen is involved in many music-making activities, including as a performer and recording engineer; he also teaches humanities with the Open University. He writes and records songs with Fiona Owen, most recently their album Releasing Birds.
The concert will start at 7pm. Tickets cost £8 and will be available shortly.
If you wish to book please click here or visit the Pales website.

Thursday 9 August     Green Art at the Pales
A day for Ffriends of all ages, exploring the Pales grounds, collecting materials to make sculptures and images.

Saturday 29th September Pales Annual Lecture Saturday 2.30pm
We are delighted to announce that Dominic Walker has agreed to deliver this year’s lecture.
The Use of Silence
Silence lies at the heart of the Christian spiritual tradition and is the major feature of Quaker worship.  Come and explore how to use silence and discover how it draws us closer to God and one another.
Dominic is a member of an Anglican Religious Community called the Oratory of the Good Shepherd that seeks to combine a consecrated life of prayer with pastoral ministry. He has worked as a parish priest, superior of his community and a bishop in England and Wales. He now looks after an allotment and his dog but says he is still learning to pray and he is still fascinated about God.
After the lecture Dominic has agreed to respond to questions.
Tea and cakes will be provided with an opportunity for informal conversations.
Tickets for this event cost £5 and will be available shortly. Click here for booking information.


Woodland at the Pales.
Peter Hussey has been digging through old documents recently and came across this item written by the ex-warden Martin Williams. It tells the story of the planting of the woodland.
Tree Planting at the Pales by Martin Williams
For many years now, we have wished to turn the field at the west end of the Pales land to a better use than sheep grazing; planting it up as deciduous woodland has always been a favourite idea, and now it has happened.
We were aware that grant aid, via Coed Cymru, would be available for a part of the cost, and in the spring of 2001 we set an application in motion. We were delighted to have Penny Bienz, of Coed Cymru, come to our meeting in Llandrindod, and educate both young and old alike in the issues of tree planting. A key factor is that the trees should be native – not merely the right species, but of local seed stock. With Penny’s invaluable help, we put in an application to the Forestry Commission for funding to plant some 250 trees, and were successful in gaining the 25% grant.
The trees concerned are Sesile Oak, Hazel, Crab Apple, Ash and Willow – the last in several varieties, as we intend to crop it for craft purposes. Apart from the willows, all the trees came from the Radnorshire Smallholding Project, a local venture (co-incidently, set up many years ago by local Quakers) which provides market gardening/nursery work for people with learning difficulties.
But there’s a lot more to it than just the trees. We appealed to Monthly Meeting for mulch mats – squares of bio-degradable carpet to surround the trees to inhibit grass growth, and tree protectors. For the latter, we used cut down four pint milk containers, which are ideal: free, in need of re-cycling, they are of a perfect size and stack very easily to provide whatever height is needed. Our barn has been full to overflowing! We also wanted a path through “the wood” and for this we had a large quantity of wood chippings from pollarding available.

So, come February 9th, the big day arrived – as did all the helpers. A dozen or so intrepid tree planters braved the elements, and great progress was made. The following day, the young people from Llandrindod Meeting, and their friends, did their stint, working especially hard at laying the paths with chippings.
The weather was, well, tolerable, and by the end of the first weekend the majority of the work was done – and we were absolutely exhausted!
Footnote – the trees are well established and doing well; we now regularly coppice when required.

Carole and her best friend have experienced considerable amounts of snow, losing use of the back door at one point.

An environmental survey has been completed at the Pales as part of the development program. This have show that there are three different species of bat living in and around the grounds. They are Brown Long Eared, Whiskered and Pipistrelle. Suitable measures will be taken that they are not disturbed by any renovations.

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