The Pales Fellowship Day

Sunday 19th June, at The Pales

10am arrival for refreshments, ending at 4pm after a blended Meeting for Worship 

The Pales Fellowship Day will be a relaxed day, shared with Young Friends from the Area Meeting, and will be based on Acorns and Roots!

Who?   Maggie Taylor-Sanders (and Peter Rivers, in spirit if not in person) will be leading the day with a cast of ‘thousands’.

Why?  To rebuild our wider relationships, and to share our experience of being a Quaker in 2022

Bring?  Your own lunch, and a few goodies to share

Where? The Pales Quaker Meeting House, near Llandegley, Llandrindod   Wells, Powys LD1 5UH 

Travel? Share lifts with as many as possible! Please make sure no one from your Meeting is excluded because they can’t get there on a Sunday

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