The Future

The Pales has been in continuous use as a place of worship for Quakers for over three hundred years. Although it is used regularly by Quakers, with a Meeting for Worship once a month, and is a popular destination for local organisations seeking a memorable day out, the lack of overnight accommodation ( other than camping) limits what it is possible to offer. Modest accommodation for up to twelve people would enable occasional events such as study courses, group retreats and other activities. Some of this accommodation might be housed in the Warden’s cottage, now badly in need of renovation. Other possibilities might be a few, discreetly sited timber buildings or ‘shepherd’s huts’, and improved facilities for campers.

The Pales Management Group, responsible to Southern Marches Area Quaker Meeting, is exploring possibilities with the help of the architects Simmonds Mills, in preparation for submitting a planning application. The Pales is a Grade II* listed buildings, and there is a keen awareness that its special character and setting must not be adversely affected.

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