Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

The Pales is a Historic Meeting House and burial ground with a Warden’s Cottage attached situated in a peaceful hillside setting in Powys close to its border with Herefordshire. It is the oldest Quaker Meeting house in continuous use in Wales. It is of great emotional and spiritual significance to many both within and without the Quaker community.

The Local Quaker Meeting is now too small to support The Pales financially or to manage it, and SMAQM has decided to treat it as an Area Meeting resource and manage it directly through the Trustees.

The Pales is used as a Meeting House, Burial Ground, and centre for holding small day events or events where attendees are prepared to camp on site.

The Cottage is occupied by a volunteer part-time Friend in Residence.

Further to a Threshing Meeting held at The Pales on 24 October 2015, SMAQM by its minute AM15/122 of 14 November 2015 decided to set up a Pales Management Group to prepare proposals for the future of The Pales and asked AM Trustees to draw up Terms of Reference and suggested topics it would wish to see covered in those terms of reference.

Terms of reference:

Short term:

  1. To prepare recommendations on any action needed regarding the maintenance of the existing building and grounds.
  2. To establish a budget needed in order for the Area Meeting to maintain the Pales in its existing form and for its existing purpose. This figure may then be used as a baseline from which to assess the longer term proposals.
  3. To examine the day-to-day management of The Pales and the role of the residential Friend.

Long term:

  1. To address the key ideas identified at the Threshing Meeting on 24 October 2015:(a) to conduct a visioning exercise for the future of The Pales, examining how it could be of service to a wider community than just Friends, as a spiritual resource;(b) to involve young people in the visioning for the future of The Pales;

    (c) to explore how extra accommodation might be provided on the site.

  2. To identify needs and opportunities for The Pales and conduct a cost/benefit analysis setting out the drawbacks and advantages of each proposal.
  3. To consult with relevant Quaker and non-Quaker bodies, both local and national, on such proposals.
  4. The Group may co-opt members to join it and provide advice.
  5. To seek approval of the Trustees for any expenditure beyond an agreed sum.
  6. The Group shall report to Trustees at least every three months until directed otherwise by Trustees.

Agreed by Trustees at meeting held at Ross Meeting House 21 March 2016