Summer Newsletter 2020


The Pales Newsletter – Summer 2020

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From the Pales Management Group

Summer? Ha ha! It seems a long time since the January Newsletter and the world seemed a different place then. The Pales closed down at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and only opened to visitors recently. Access to the gardens and Meeting Room is available but the facilities in the School Room and the toilet block are closed; as regulations have relaxed we have started to allow the grounds to be used but it is strictly limited and subject to restrictions. All the planned activities have been shelved and our only event is the Annual Talk which will now take place via Zoom on the 5th September – full details are given below. The Pales Management Group continued to meet on Zoom to ensure that progress was made with the Planning Applications. If you are wondering why we have a picture of a Hummingbird Hawk-moth at the top you will need to read the Tailpeace for a story of nature, ‘red in tooth and claw’.

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  • Planned Events in 2020
  • Pales Annual Talk 2020
  • Friends of the Pales
  • Tailpeace

Planning Update.

In our last Newsletter we reported on the additional work that the Planning and Highway Authorities required us to do; this included changes to the cottage, on-site parking in the area where the wooden shed is and also the provision of a passing place on the access road from the A488 Knighton road. All this work has now been draw up by our architects and the Planning Applications have been re-submitted. Once again we are in limbo, awaiting the outcome and are starting to draw up a Future Options report which will go to the Trustees and then to a Threshing Meeting, open to all AMs in Wales, to make a decision as to how we proceed. We hope this will be before the end of this year.

Planned Events for 2020.

Unfortunately all our planned events have had to be cancelled, apart from the Annual Talk – see below. There will be no charge for this but we invite donations through Friends of the Pales, details can be found on our website –

Most of the planned events will now move on to the 2021 calendar and full details will be published in future Newsletters.

The Pales Annual Talk – Saturday September 5th 2.00pm given by Scott Bennett on Zoom.

The Localist Revolution

As the world enters the third decade of the 21st Century, we face unprecedented challenges. Not only are we in the midst of the most serious pandemic and recession for a century, but extinction and global heating events threaten to bring changes of a speed and scale never seen in the history of human civilisation.

But what if the solution was right on our doorstep? By creating jobs, businesses, food, energy and leisure opportunities in our communities, we can start a revolution in localisation, driven by the very social fabric of networks and relationships. Localisation has the power to diminish the threat of the climate emergency, whilst building happy prosperous communities

Scott Bennett is an activist and citizen educator with almost 20 years of involvement in environmental campaigns. His academic background and passion for science, guide his campaign to make complex subjects interesting and available to all people in our society, from activists and politicians to children and families. for the Zoom link please contact the Clerk of your local Meeting or contact us using the website contact form – click here.

Friends of the Pales.

The cancellation of all the fundraising events at the Pales will have serious consequences for the finances of the Pales in the coming year. Until we can re-open and start activities the only income will be from generous Friends who have signed up for a contribution through Standing Orders, which generates an annual income of £1400; donations through the same scheme brought in £1200 last year. Our Treasurer, Peter Rivers, has made a successful claim for Gift Ain on past donations which has provided a significant boost to our funds. Details of the Friends of the Pales can be found here –


Carole Chapman, our Friend in Residence at the Pales, was strolling through the grounds recently and was captivated by a moth, stationary in the air, feeding from the honeysuckle blossom. Hummingbird Hawk-moths are remarkable day-flying moths, able to hover like their namesakes and use their overlong proboscis to suck nectar from the deep tubes of the honeysuckle flowers. Although the hawk-moths breed in this country they struggle to survive our winters and are mainly migrants from Southern France. They have good memories and will return to the same flowerbeds every day at about the same time.

Carole was deep in contemplation of this little wonder of Nature when a bird flew across her path, snatched the hummingbird hawk-moth from the air and disappeared into the bushes to enjoy a light snack!

Thanks to RSPB for details.

Header image – Hummingbird Hawk Moth and Honeysuckle © Andy Stephenson