Report on start of new PMG June 2021

The New Pales Management Group starts on the next stage of determining the future of the Pales June 2021.

On 21st May Southern Marches Area Quaker Meeting  addressed the future of the Pales giving consideration to reports from the Pales Management Group and the views expressed both in the Threshing Meeting on 27th March, and through other avenues such as the website and Zoom meeting with members of the local community.  Its unique qualities and spiritual/historical significance were reaffirmed, with a strong feeling that the Pales should not just be sold commercially. However it was resolved that the current situation could not continue, and also that SMAQM did not have the people or resources to embark on its own on a development of the Pales site. The involvement of Addoldai Cymru, a charitable foundation that takes on responsibility for historic chapels and places of worship in Wales, (other than churches of the Church in Wales), was seen as a promising way forward.  It was decided that  SMAQM Trustees should appoint a new Pales Management Group, tasked with actively exploring the options and engaging with Addoldai Cymru, as well as with neighbouring Area Meetings and the Local Community, seeking legal and technical advice as required. The final task of the original Pales Management Group was to ensure that the minor details required to complete the planning application were taken care of.  The new Pales Management Group was appointed on 28th May, consisting of:

Helen Briggs (Almeley Meeting, SMAQM Trustee)
Colin Brown (Abergavenny Meeting)
Mary Hopkins (Clun Valley Meeting, SMAQM Trustee)
Peter Rivers (Clun Valley Meeting, Pales Treasurer)

On 14th June, the new PMG met at The Pales with four representatives of Addoldai Cymru, who toured the Meeting House, cottage and grounds.  They indicated that the Meeting House certainly met their criteria, and that they were very interested in pursuing things further.  A wide range of options for the whole site were explored. Our visitors agreed to give these full consideration, discuss with their whole management committee and respond to us in early August, when we hope to meet again at the Pales. PMG will ensure that all Area Quaker Meetings in Wales and the borders, Friends in Wales, Friends of the Pales and the local community are kept abreast of further developments.

In Friendship
Colin Brown,
Abergavenny Local Meeting

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