PMG2 – Report to Area Meeting – August 2021

Pales Management Group 2 (PMG2). 

Second Report to Area Meeting – August 2021

Meeting with Addoldai Cymru (AC) 

The following members of AC joined PMG2 for lunch on August 9th , followed by the meeting –  Neil Sumner, Vice Chair, Elaine Davey, Trustee, Tanya Jenkins, Administrator, and Gerallt Nash, Trustee. Christine Moore, the Trust Manager, was unable to attend. 

The meeting had a positive tone throughout. We were impressed by ACs vision for the Pales and the amount of research and background thinking that they have already undertaken for the Pales and the Cottage. It has been greatly assisted by AC’s vice chair Neil Sumner’s chance meeting with Martin Williams in York. The meeting has enabled Neil to quiz Martin and gain a much greater insight into the potential of the Pales. We are pleased to know that the two are corresponding and, as we’d expect, Martin is providing insight, knowledge and enthusiastic support.  

AC talked of moving towards acquisition. Although it increases the complexity of the project and the overall risk for AC, they are very much in favour of keeping the integrity of the whole site. Their challenge is to raise the finance required to renovate the cottage and bring it up to an acceptable standard. Christine has already started looking for grants.

AC outlined the values and the practical implications that are driving their consideration of the Pales and its future. Amongst these are:

  • A desire for others to share the beauty and spiritual aspects of the Pales
  • An intention to explore the creation of a pilgrimage route between the Pales and other buildings they care for in the vicinity – we were surprised to discover that there are 4 or 5 of these. 
  • Growing the use of the campsite 
  • Simplicity and a concern for the environment
  • Continuing the use of and, wherever possible, developing the Pales as a special place for Quakers
  • Continued use of the burial ground by Quakers 
  • Maintaining the whole site
  • Increased use of the Pales by the local community
  • A strong focus on the heritage of the building – valuing Quaker traditions 
  1. If matters progress satisfactorily, once the cottage is renovated, AC is likely to initiate a recruitment process for a warden or wardens who would pay an appropriate rent and live in the cottage in return for managing The Pales, developing the campsite, continuing to maintain strong relations with Quakers and building local community involvement. The excellent wifi at the Pales means that it would be possible for the warden(s) to work from home. AC would welcome a Friend as warden, though this could not be insisted upon.

AC will continue to keep in regular touch with PMG2. A meeting will be arranged if required and they have committed to reporting to PMG2, trustees and AM by the end of December. 

The Members of PMG2 recognise the importance of the preliminary work they are undertaking in preparation for a decision by Area Meeting about the future of The Pales. The group is building on the work of PMG1 and following the priorities set by AM. We ask any Friend who has a concern at this stage about the general direction things are being taken to contact one of us as soon as possible. Now is the time raise issues and concerns please. Currently we are meeting monthly and any concerns will be discussed fully. Our aspirational aim is for AM to reach a decision about the Pales with Friends feeling they have been informed and are comfortable with and confident in the direction being taken and ultimately with our recommendations. 

Mary Hopkins, Helen Briggs, Peter Rivers, Colin Brown – PMG2