Pales Spring Newsletter 2019


The Pales Newsletter – Spring Newsletter 2019

From the Pales Management Group

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It may be a quiet time at the Pales but not so for the Pales Management Group, working tirelessly behind the scenes making the final arrangements for some events and organising possible future ones. We are also in the final stages of the planning application process and we are extending the Friends of the Pales initiative to other Area Meetings. Read on for full details of the first two events and news of the events you can look forward to later in the year.

Taizé at the Pales – a day exploring and singing – March 17th.

A day exploring Taizé’s music and inspiration, led by Susie Ennals and Angela Coleridge.

Taizé is the name of a tiny village in the hills of Burgundy. It is also the home of an ecumenical community and a place where thousands have come for its inspiration. How has Taizé touched so many hearts? What can its music and prayer awaken in us as we find our own spiritual path? Come for a day to explore Taizé’s origins and teachings. Learn songs that carry its message of love, reconciliation and community. All are welcome, and no experience of the music is necessary.

Stay on, if you wish, to join the Meeting for Worship at 3.00pm where the singing can be used to deepen the silence before Meeting starts.

Arrive from 10.00am and refreshments, for a 10.30am start. Bring food for a shared lunch.

We suggest  a donation of £15 or whatever you can afford, to be paid on the day. 

You can download a poster for this event through the Pales website –

To give us an idea of numbers it would be helpful if you could book using the form that is also on the website.


And now for something completely different….

Eco Engineering Day – Thursday 4th April 2019

Hydrogen-fuelled car & Eco-friendly heating

We shall explore where science, engineering and sustainability meet.

Expert presentations will be followed by discussion, facilitated by –

(am) Victoria Griffiths of Riversimple on Llandrindod’s hydrogen-fuelled battery-free electric car;

(pm) Dr Alan Owen and Tim Coleridge of CAT on eco-friendly domestic heating and insulation.

10.00 am for refreshments and a prompt 10.30 am start, the day will finish at 4.30 pm.

Bring food for a shared lunch, 12.30 – 1.30. 

We suggest a voluntary donation of £15, to be paid on the day.

You can download a poster for this event through the Pales website,

To give us an idea of numbers it would be helpful if you could book using the form that is also on the website

Friends of the Pales fundraising.

We have had a successful launch of the FotP initiative with leaflets being distributed to all Local Meetings in Southern Marches Area Meeting. We have received many contributions and support commitments amount to £1300 per year. We have now produced a Welsh version of the supporting documents for the FotP leaflet and these will be distributed to the other Welsh Area Meetings at the forthcoming Meeting of Friends in Wales later this month. The next stage will be to distribute the leaflet on a wider basis.

Other Events in 2019

We are arranging events for next year and have already booked some, others are awaiting confirmation of dates etc.

April 24th

Poetry day – Trish Munn

May 5th

Ecology Day – Jeff Beatty

June 5th/12th/19th

Art Days (proposed charges £50 for three days or £20 per day)

July ??

Summer Concert ( Joe Botting? Local Choirs?)


Walking and Singing with Sue Harries

Sept 21st

Open Pales Peace Choir Day

Sept ??

Annual Lecture – Quakers in Action

Oct ??

Apple Day


We can’t have a Spring newsletter without any snowdrops so here are some, poking the nodding heads up when the snow fell up at the Pales.

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