Pales September Newsletter 2019

The Pales Newsletter – September 2019

From the Pales Management Group

(You can download a copy of this newsletter for printing and displaying on your Meeting House Notice Board – please click here..)

  • Pales Planning Applications – on line support
  • Annual Pales Lecture on 29th September
  • “Finding Inner Stillness” led by John Senior
  • Green Art Day report
  • Taizé Days
  • Walking in Pales Country
  • Open Peace Choir Day
  • Tailpeace

Pales Planning Applications.

The applications to renew and revitalise the Pales have now been submitted and accepted for consideration. We would urge Ffriends who support this project to leave supportive comments on the Planning site; we need to convince the Planners that the developments are in the best long-term interests of the Pales and the Local Community. We would ask you to do this as soon as possible as we expect a response from the planners in the next few weeks. This link will take you to the Planning search page where you would need to enter ‘Pales’ in the search box in order to see the various sections of the applications.

Annual Lecture with Ruth Moore-Williams. 

On 29th September Ruth will be at the Pales to talk about her life and experiences as a Quaker Prison Chaplain. Why not bring along a picnic lunch to enjoy in the grounds? There is no charge for the day  but donations towards the Pales running costs would be gratefully received.You can book a seat through the website or just turn up on the day. Full details are on the Pales website.


Finding Inner StillnessAn Experiential Exploration with John Senior.

On  Thursday 17th October 2019 there is an opportunity to join an Experiential Exploration  following leads given in Advices & Queries 1 & 3 which will be led by John Senior.

10.00 am for a 10.30 am start, finishing 4.30 pm. Please bring packed lunch    –    tea / coffee / biscuits provided.

Suggested donation £5 on the day to The Pales Meeting House

For further information and bookings please ring John Senior on 01597 870277

Green Art Day on August 15th – report by Bridget Cherry.

A group of varied ages – from 4 upwards – gathered to a enjoy a sunny day at the Pales, exploring the bounties of nature and discovering ways in which they could inspire creativity. In August there are both flowers and fruits, and there is already a hint of autumn in the changing colours of the leaves. So there was much material to work from.  Appropriately, ‘Fruitful’ was spelt out in the grass with an arrangement of berries and fruits. The Schoolroom was furnished with vases demonstrating the range of plants in flower; a Green Man with dandelion eyes was created on the table, there were collections of contrasting seed pods, and of a varied group of oval leaves; and in the furthest corner of the grounds a winding avenue and archways of grass led to a delightful fairy house.    

Meanwhile others carried out some useful gardening and clearing or enjoyed discovering the wealth of wildlife. (More pictures in the Tailpeace.)

Taizé Days at the Pales.

Susie Ennals has run another successful day at the Pales exploring the music and inspiration of the Taizé community, a place where thousands have come for its inspiration. How has Taizé touched so many hearts? What can its music and prayer awaken in us as we find our own spiritual path? Susie will be running these days throughout 2020 – full details will be listed on the Pales website.

Walking in Pales Country.

A recent article in the Guardian, extolling the virtues of the Heart of Wales Line Walking Trail, has inspired the PMG to consider setting out a series of walks, centred on the Pales.

“The 122-mile Heart of Wales Line Trail traces a much-loved railway through magnificent countryside. There is, it seems, a little bit of magic about the Heart of Wales railway line, which starts in Shrewsbury, leaves the main Cardiff line at Craven Arms, then sets out on a courageously spectacular journey across the mountains to Swansea. The 121-mile route was built in the 1860s and has survived government cuts, bridge and tunnel collapses, and even the theft of rails – always managing, somehow, to stay open. The tales about it are legion: how a fox, pursued by hounds, leapt to its death from one viaduct; how the German Kaiser used it, incognito, in 1912; and how much it is loved by the locals. Now the love extends to a footpath, the Heart of Wales Line Trail, fully open for springtime adventures from 28 March. The trail loosely stitches the various stations together into a long-distance path that can be used in conjunction with the railway: perfect for day walks or for multi-day, short-break adventures.” (Article copyright Kevin Rushby, Guardian newspaper.)

The full article can be read here.

And the Trail website is here.

The Trail passes by the Pales and the site detailing the walk mentions the Pales and its surrounds – Route 7. There are many local public footpaths and next year we will explore the possibility of printed leaflets and also consider led walks which would use the Pales as a base. If you would be interested in helping us to explore this further, either as a researcher or as a walk leader, then please contact either Chris Robertson or Bridget Cherry.

Pales Peace Choir Open Day.

We would like to welcome you to a drop-in open day on Sunday September 22nd at the Pales from 10.30 till 4 (ish!). Unbelievably, it is 10 years since Lynda and Martin initiated the first singing day that became the monthly gathering of The Pales Peace Choir and that has continued to provide lasting fun and friendships.So, of course we must celebrate, and of course it will include cake!

If you have been before but perhaps not sung with us for a while, do come along and join in with some of the original songs we learnt, our golden oldies, – nothing challenging, just an opportunity to be together and to sing together. The morning session will be a singing session and the afternoon session, from a bring and share lunch at 1, until 4pm, will be open to everyone, with no singing required of you (although the choir will probably sing to you around the peace pole). There will be plenty of tea and cake, and an opportunity to see photos of the many events that the choir has taken part in over the 10 years.


As reported earlier the Green Day was an enormous success with Ffriends of all age exploring the grounds and making things. Here are some photos of them and the works of art they produced.    

And here are the Public Notices of the Planning Applications displayed on the Pales top gate.

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