Pales July Newsletter 2019

The Pales Newsletter – July 2019

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From the Pales Management Group

  • Art Days report from Bridget Cherry
  • Aberystwyth Local Meeting visit to the Pales
  • Walkers welcome!
  • Summer Concert at the Pales
  • Green Art Day
  • Pales Autumn Lecture (or is it?)
  • ‘Fuelling our Lives’ and ‘Energy Choice Cards’
  • Tailpeace – the stranger on our doorstep

Art Days at the Pales

The three art days in June, tutored by the Welsh artist Sandy Craig, 
were wonderful opportunities to explore how different materials could be used to capture the character of aspects of the natural world.  Sandy encouraged us by showing us her own work and explaining how one’s results can depend so much on one’s mood and circumstances. On the drawing day we focused on trees; using pencil and charcoal.  The second day was devoted to lino cutting; after Sandy had explained the process we starting with cutting out a single letter, and( realising that everything   we produced would end up in reverse), we explored creating simple designs inspired by plants and landscapes. After we had mastered the technique of gouging out the outlines we had fun rolling on the ink and the exciting moment of seeing the result as we peeled back the paper from the block. The theme of the third day was ’painting’ and Sandy started us off with a short talk on colour theory, then demonstrated the large number of ways one can apply paint to produce different effects – using handy devices such as kitchen sponges, drinking straws, edges of pieces of cardboard. 

An intriguing technique which we all tried out was to glue our chosen plant, leaves, bark etc to the paper, cover it with tissue paper and then roll paint over the top.  The results were surprisingly effective.There were so many challenging ideas to shake us out of our comfort zones and to inspire us to experiment further. Sandy’s lively encouragement, and working together with others, created a friendly, stimulating atmosphere.        Bridget C






Aberystwyth Local Meeting visit to the Pales

A group of Friends from Aberystwyth Local Meeting visited the Pales recently, having heard about the place but never visited. Carole Chapman and Peter Hussey were on hand to welcome them and to show them around. They had a thoroughly enjoyable visit and were very impressed by the atmosphere of tranquility. They shared photos of their visit on their Facebook page and have given permission for us to reproduce some of them. The Pales Development Fund was also the subject of their June Collection and they have donated £232 to assist with the future development of the Pales.


Walkers Welcome.

We are constantly amazed by the number of visitors we get at the Pales – some coming by car but many also calling in as they walk past. The Pales is now mentioned in the new Heart of Wales Line footpath leaflet so we expect even more in the future.

One group of walkers arrived recently, during the Art Day, and were invited to share refreshments, both liquid and spiritual, on the benches in the shade.



Summer Concert at the Pales – July 20th.

On July 20th you are invited to come to the Summer Concert with the Klezmonauts. Their performance will start at 7.00pm in the Meeting Room and there will be a short break when John Senior will expound on the influences Klezmer music had on Mahler and his work. Tickets are £10 and can be booked in advance through the website ( or paid in cash on the door.

You are welcomed to bring your own picnic and drinks to enjoy in the grounds beforehand.


Green Art – August 15th.

Creating something out of nothing used to be the province of the gods but now you too can experience divine creations by joining us the Pales for a day of creating art from the gifts of nature in the grounds. Last year’s Day produced some splendid examples and Bridget Cherry will be on hand to help guide your creative processes.


Pales Lecture – Ruth Moore-Williams – September 29th

We are delighted to be able to confirm that Ruth Moore-Williams will be able to give her lecture, entitled ‘More Than a Pile of Porridge – Learning How to Quake’ on September 29th  –  2:00 pm – 5:00 pm.

Ruth has recently asked to be released from her role as a Quaker Prison Chaplain but will use these experiences to add a further dimension to her talk.

But, is it a talk or a lecture? Is it an address, a discourse, a disquisition, an oration or even a harangue (we hope not!) The PMG spent a few moments trying to decide if the title ‘Lecture’ was too stern and off-putting and whether a different word would be more inspiring and enticing. Time constraints meant that we could not spend too long thinking about it so it has been left as Annual Lecture – but next year it may well have become the Annual Pales Pep Talk!


‘Fuelling our Lives’ and ‘Energy Choice Cards’

John Senior has shared with us the files for the games he presented at the Climate Justice Fellowship Day at the Pales. They are very relevant to all of us who are trying to reduce our carbon Footprint, something that is at the forefront of our considerations for the development of the Pales buildings. The games came from Gwen Prince, who used them at a recent Sustainability Day for Mid Wales Area Meeting. They will also be available from the Area Meeting website.

Download Fuelling our Lives – click here.    Download Energy Choice Cards – click here.



The PMG are great believers in Green Art and have a day dedicated to it so it was with great delight that we discovered this piece of green art on the Pales Meeting House doorstep. Created from small stones from the quarry the character looks about to stride off, in his ten-gallon boots, ready to spread the good news. If you were the person who created this masterpiece then Thank You from the PMG.

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