January Newsletter 2020

The Pales Newsletter – January 2020

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From the Pales Management Group

Winter is going out like a lamb rather than a lion so perhaps a mild Spring will follow. While we wait for the snowdrops and daffodils the PMG have been busy, liaising with the architects and planning events. Read on for news of the exciting forthcoming events.

  • Planning update
  • Pales Poetry Day
  • Seeds and Saplings
  • The Breeze at Dawn
  • Planned Events in 2020
  • Tailpeace

Planning Update.

The PMG met with Simmonds Mills, our architects, at the beginning of January to discuss the latest comments from the various Planning bodies with regard to the renovation work at the Pales. The good news is that they are happy with the plans for the grounds but will require us to shuffle the buildings around to make space for onsite parking for four cars plus an area for turning. The less good news is that they require some changes to the plans we had put forward for the cottage which will require further expense in architect fees and insulation test results. A further issue has been raised by the Highways Authorities which the architects are in negotiations over. The Trustees have approved the additional expense and we will proceed, bloodied but unbowed.

Pales Poetry Day.

On Wednesday 18th of March Trish Munn and Linda Murray-Hale will lead a day entitled ‘Beginnings’. 10 for 10.30-4.30. Bring a poem on this theme to read and discuss – your own or someone else’s – or let the Pales landscape in Spring inspire you. More information is available on the website – please click here.

If your creative spirit is rising and you can’t wait for the Poetry Day then you could join the Wyeside Writers’ Group, which meets monthly at the Wyeside Arts Centre in Builth Wells, is alive and well. Their next gathering will be on Wednesday, 12 February, from 7:00 to 9:00PM – click this link –  Wyeside Writers Group or visit their website – www.wyeside.co.uk


Seeds  and Saplings.

Wednesday 15th April, 10 for 10.30-4.0  A nature day for young and not so young. Explore the Pales woodland; help improve the Pales hedges; plant seeds and saplings to take home. We will provide seeds, saplings and compost for you to plant and take home with you. More information is available on the website – please click here.




The Breeze at Dawn has Secrets to Tell You.

Wednesday 29th April, 10 for 10.30-4.0

A day of Sufi inspired Poetry, Song, Dance, Prayer, Meditation and Story led by Karim Hadden. In this day we will gently explore the wisdom and inspiration of Sufi poets and teachers such as Rumi, Kabir, Mahmoud Shabestari and Hazrat Inayat Khan and be introduced to the universality and depth of Sufi meditative practices. More information is available on the website – please click here.


Planned Events for 2020.

These are some of the enticing and inviting events we hope to hold at the Pales throughout 2020. Full details will be in the Newsletters and on the website.

May    Spiritual Healing day  with music/sounds/bells

May   Footpath exploration

May   Beattie’s Bugs and Beetles

June/ July  Explore Watercolours

July   Summer picnic and entertainment   

August  Green Art Day for all ages

September  The Annual Talk   


While photographing the building for the architects we noticed this cast iron plate on the wall of the building.

With no matching plate on the opposite wall it is unlikely to be a tie bar. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what it might be? Surely not ornamentation on a Quaker building!

Another Tailpeace, this time a Mouse tail.

We seem to have a visitor in the thatch of the Meeting House.


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