How you can support us

There are a number of ways that you can support us:

  • Become a Friend of the Pales – please click here to find out about it.
  • Hold us in the light as we discern the way to enable a sustainable future for the Pales
  • Visit the Pales and experience this wonderful place and then tell everyone about your visit.
  • Come and do some gardening. Bring your own tools and do some light gardening in wonderful scenery.
  • Organise an away day  for your meeting  or local group. Your meeting might consider holding a day of reflection at the Pales.  We are well within reach of Cardiff and the West Midlands conurbation.  Until we can provide onsite accommodation we can suggest a variety of local facilities that might suit your needs.  Please contact the Friend in Residence using the details on our Contact page – please click here.
  • Keep in touch by signing up to our newsletter. You can sign up to receive it by email – please click here.
  • Support us financially to achieve our programme  of renovation and renewal . To make a donation now please complete the form below and we will contact you  with further details.

We will soon be launching an appeal in the order of £300,000 (£1,000 for each year that the meeting house has been in use).  An appeal is always helped if seed corn funds already exist.

It costs Southern Marches Area Quaker meeting about £25 per day to keep the Pales open.  How many days could you sponsor?

Comments or questions are welcome.

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