Burials at the Pales

 If you wish to arrange a burial at the Pales please contact us – click here.

The Pales grounds are still available during the Covid-19 epidemic for burials and the scattering of ashes. The burials must take place under the rules as set out by the Government which state that funerals can only be “attended by immediate families”. These rules may change over time and we will endeavour to reflect these rules here. Self-service refreshments will only be available by arrangement.

The requirements regarding attendance at a funeral have been relaxed. In Wales from April 7 onwards attendance at a funeral will not be restricted to defined close family. Instead, the person/authority responsible for the place where the funeral is held will indicate how many people can safely attend, and then up to that number of invitations (but no more) may be issued. The invitations must be issued to specified named individuals. Further guidance can be found here: https://gov.wales/sites/default/files/publications/2020-05/the-health-protection-coronavirus-restrictions-wales-regulations-2020-as-amended-30-may-2020.pdf

In the first instance please use the contact form  – please click here.

Commemorative Items 

Pales Management Group are occasionally asked for permission to place an object or to plant something in memory of a Ffriend or loved one.

The Group will consider each application to place a commemorative object but as a rule will only accept the following –

• Garden benches

• Garden seats

• Suitable nesting boxes or other structures intended for the benefit of wildlife

• Request for the planting of trees or shrubs will usually be refused.

In all instances please use the Contact Form. click here.