Annual Talk 2020 – The Localist Revolution by Scott Bennett

The Pales Annual Talk – took place on Zoom on the 5th September 2020

Given by Scott Bennett

Recordings of this Talk are now available. 

For the voice only recording of this Talk – please click here.

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As the world enters the third decade of the 21st Century, we face unprecedented challenges. Not only are we in the midst of the most serious pandemic and recession for a century, but extinction and global heating events threaten to bring changes of a speed and scale never seen in the history of human civilisation.

But what if the solution was right on our doorstep? By creating jobs, businesses, food, energy and leisure opportunities in our communities, we can start a revolution in localisation, driven by the very social fabric of networks and relationships. Localisation has the power to diminish the threat of the climate emergency, whilst building happy prosperous communities

Scott Bennett is an activist and citizen educator with almost 20 years of involvement in environmental campaigns. His academic background and passion for science, guide his campaign to make complex subjects interesting and available to all people in our society, from activists and politicians to children and families.