Threshing Meeting

Threshing Meeting

10.00am – 12.30am 27th March 2021

A Threshing Meeting is to be held to consider the future of this 18C Grade II* Quaker Meeting House and attached cottage, currently in the care of Southern Marches Area Quaker Meeting.

It will be Clerked by Deborah Rowlands (Area Meeting clerk for South Wales AM and a former clerk of Britain Yearly Meeting).

The options include selling the property as a whole (whilst retaining the Burial Ground), selling parts of the property, renovating just the cottage or embarking on a fund raising project to complete the project as outlined in the architects plans.

There are Documents in Advance which explain in detail each option together with detailed architects plans – it is important that you read these before attending the Threshing Meeting. These are available on the Pales website – click here.

There is also a poster to download suitable for displaying in Meeting Houses.
If you are unable to attend the Zoom Meeting then there is the option to leave a comment on the website – these comments will be shared on the site.

Please click here to visit the Pales website.

The Zoom Link is available by completing a form on the website – please click here.
The Meeting will be recorded.
Chris Robertson
Pales Management Group

2 thoughts on “Threshing Meeting

  • April 4, 2021 at 12:13 am

    Dear PMG,

    Having attended the Threshing Meeting, here are a few (late) comments:

    I think an essential part of the debate – before any final decisions can be taken – is to research grant-funding opportunities. Applying for grants outside the Quaker world may seem like a lot to take on but actually the biggest piece of work has already been done – the architectural plans and planning application which would be needed for any grant funding to succeed. Many renovation schemes are put together from more than one grant.

    Here are a few links that might be worth exploring:

    In addition, I wonder if you have spoken to the Community Council to see if they have any suggestions or small scale assistance (noting that the meeting house is mentioned on their home page):

    I do appreciate you may have considered all of this ages ago(!) but I didn’t hear at the Threshing Meeting that these kinds of avenues had been explored.

    The other point I wanted to make was that, for me, the Pales is an important place for Quakers across Wales and beyond and I don’t think it’s fair that Southern Marches Area Meeting should have to shoulder the whole responsiblity alone. For me it’s a matter for Meeting of Friends in Wales or wider.

    Best wishes for what I believe to be an extremely valuable building, both spiritually and culturally.

  • April 19, 2021 at 11:36 am

    Dear Pales Quaker Meeting House Community,
    In a conversation with one of your community I expressed the following: the secret is
    1. To make many funding applications to appropriate trusts and organisations. These have to be targeted and very specific, the right fund for the right need and it may take a number of different grants to achieve what is necessary, rather than one blanket grant.
    2. Given the above, it is clear that fund-raising is a very particular skill, the skill of a development worker. So, I would suggest that the first funds raised should be for the part-time employment of a development worker who is hired specifically to work in collaboration with The Pales community to assess the needs, identify appropriate funders and make those funding applications. Applying for funding is a particular talent and so it is a good idea to employ someone experienced and gifted with that talent. The Very Best of Luck! You must be able to keep The Pales in its beautiful, historic entirety (that history is one of the points to emphasize!). Jenni Barbieri


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