ArtDay – 12th September 2017

Art Day

Tuesday was the second art day to be held at the Pales and attracted both newcomers and those who had been before. Around a dozen artists quickly scattered over the grounds, keen to make the best of the uncertain weather, but there was  also the chance to gather indoors in the warmer setting of the schoolroom and to mix work and conversation. 

There was a fascinating variety of approaches, in materials used, in style of painting and in the range of colours explored to depict the surrounding landscape. Trying to capture the essence of a place requires a special kind of looking which can be quitestrenuous, but is intensely rewarding.  The changing light with intermittent sunshine was particularly challenging, no sooner had one  mixed the right tone for a particular area,   than one looked up to discover that the moving shadow of a cloud had completely altered the scene.  But the setting of the Pales is a deeply inspiring subject with endless possibilities, and there was much enthusiasm for further art days, possibly with some tuition included.

Bridget Cherry – Ludlow LM